Quick Note:

I must apologize to any of my old followers about the loss of my Blog Content.
Unfortunatly I was hosting the site/blog on an old server in my basement. At some point late 2011 my drive developed a bad sector and all my old content that i hadn’t backedup was lost – sadly this was my blog.

I will attempt to add the content back on this site – which is now being┬áhosted by ixwebhosting. Which by the way is a great company. They are inexpensive, do backups, support MVC3, dot net 4.0 and are always ready to fix something if it is broken. In the mean time, keep comming back and you should notice new posts on a semi frequent basis.

The lessons i learned.. Developers don’t always make the best administrators, and of course.. ALL hard drives will fail at some point. So backup everything to as may locations as possible.

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