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A great primer on a number of features of ReachJS

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How to fix IE11 not playing videos on Windows 2008 server R2

I recently decided to finally upgrade my tried and true copy of IE10.. knowing full well i was about to lose some of my favorite Developer Tools – not an easy decision.. but i got sick of videos not playing due to compatibility issues.

Result.. I lost my dev tools and still couldn’t play videos.. I did find a few online solutions that suggested adding the following to the end of the youtube url to make it work..
The problem was that you had to append that to EVERY video in Youtube and *#& help you if you want to watch an embedded video.

Today i found the real solution. To view video in the first place you needed to add the “Desktop Experience” to server 2008. The problem is that that version of “Desktop Experience” didn’t support the latest video formats or codecs.. So you need to upgrade/update the Desktop experience..

Full MS KB article = 2483177
or click this link…

Hopefully this solves any issues you are having.. it fixed mine.!

Java Script Libs worth looking at.

Of course you need to start with

JQuery, JQueryUI, JQuery Mobile but there are a number of other libs that are worth keeping an eye on.







The scale of all things known and imagined.


If you have ever wondered how big things are in relationship to other things..