Does IE Suck or is it every other browser..

Having been in IT for over 20 years I have definitely heard my fare share of Microsoft Bashing. Usually by people who have NO CLUE what they are talking about. Of course web designers – who know php and MySQL because it was free when they were in college – are probably the worst of the bunch.

What I have found is that no only do I see less issues with IE than other browsers, but it is actually faster. Every time apple updates their phones and browsers I cringe. This has caused hours of extra work due to their inability to follow standards. ON android browsers in tablets and phones, drop down menu’s don’t work (at the time of this writing) Even when the menu exposes a standard <a tag>

Anyway.. today I was looking at statistics gathered by google on our public website and was amazed at what the two fastest browsers were.

1. Edge (Microsoft 10) and
2. IE (stop the cheering or leering .. check out your site if you don’t believe a random test of 38,000 page views.)

What really blew me away was that Edge was nearly 50% faster than chrome (the next fastest non-Microsoft product) – I even prefer the debugging tools in IE10 (yeah 11 and edge suck – they are more like chrome – a giant step back)